Portable Powerstation 300w

The Portable Powerstation 300W

The Powerstation is the perfect device for designers & developers to keep their gadgets powered up in an event of a power failure.

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What is the Portable Powerstation

Popular Energy power station is a rechargeable lithium battery-powered generator. It is Equipped with 2 AC outled, DC outlets and USB charging ports which can keep your laptop, fans, monitors and gadgets charged.

How does it work?

The Portable powerstation packs a 93,000Mah Lithium Battery backed by a 300W Peak pure sine wave inverter. This means it can charge any device within the rated wattage. It charges with an AC adapter when electricity is available(Nepa or Gen) as shown in the picture. It is highly durable and safe as a result of an advanced BMS (battery management system).

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Who is this Product for?

The Portable powerstation is designed for Digital Entrepreneurs, Designers, Developers, Photographers and individuals who need stable electricity to stay productive working from the house or in the field. The powerstation is easy to use, affordable, efficient and portable and can easily fit into your digital life style.

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"Having a product where I can Plug my phones, my wifi and my laptop and been a life-saver"

Fisayo Fosudo
Tech Youtuber

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