Portable inverter

The 300W Portable Powerstation

The Portable Powerstation is a powerful Backup Generator with a 346wh Capacity battery that can power your laptop, gadgets and small appliances fo long hours. It has AC outlets for devices up to 300w, Usb charging ports and DC ports for DC devices.


  • Powerful 93,600Mah Lithium battery that can charge a laptop up to 5 times over.
  • Durable Aluminium Build and a sturdy handle which makes it portable and highly durable
  • Easy to setup and use, Multiple charging options with Electricity, Generator and an Optional Solar charging Feature if you're totally offgrid.

Get the Portable Geneator so you never have to stop working due to a power outages for ₦120,000 only!

Want stable electricity?

Get the Portable Powersation to keep your device charged and stay productive.