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About us

We provide portable and off-grid energy solutions for your home and office use.

Portable & Powerful

Packing enough juice to power up your important gadgets all day on just one charge. It also fits into your bag making it compact and powerful.

The Inverter

Charge any device within the rated capacity the way you would using your wall socket with this device. You can also bring this outfield to keep your outing powered and lit up.

portable Solar

The portable solar panel is a foldable charger that gives you the ability to charge up your work and mobile gadgets and also our energy solutions using the renewable energy of the sun.

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What we do

Founded in 2019, Popular Energy was inspired by a Team of Software and Hardware Engineers to provide backup power for Software developers working remotely to keep their devices long for as long as they need to stay productive.

Our First device the Portable Inverter is a pure sine wave form Inverter with an Inbuilt Lithium Ion technology powered battery.
Like every other one of our devices, we use the best battery technology built for strain and power delivery.

The portable inverter 300W provides power for your home and work needs. It can power your phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, tv, Camera, Decoder, Gaming console, fan, lights, clippers and much more for several hours. It gives you an alternative to noisy and toxic generators.

Our Goal is to provide portable and renewable energy technology for our clients for their home, office and outdoor usage.

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